Terms and Conditions

Membership Privileges
As a Carvajal Cigar Co. member, you will earn 20% off all your Subscribe and Save orders for the remainder of 2023. Standard 10% discount will apply after this time. Note, mass market, clearance, free, and bonus items are not eligible for a subscription. Also, all Subscribe and Save orders over $49 will ship for FREE!

Registration for Membership
There are no fees to join the Carvajal Cigar Co. Club. You must be age 21 years or older and a resident of the United States to be eligible for membership in the Carvajal Cigar Co. Club. The program is void where prohibited by law.

Carvajal Cigar Co. Club shipments are available in weekly intervals from 15 days to 63 days. You select the frequency with which you want to receive your shipment and we’ll automatically ship according to your selected preference.

You may modify the shipping frequency, item quantity, shipping address, payment method, and billing address associated with your Subscription at any time by modifying the Subscription in your online account on the Website or by calling 1-800-757-2582. We kindly ask you to notify us of any Subscription modifications at least seven (7) days prior to your next scheduled shipment. Please note that modifications may take up to one business day to go into effect. Modifications will be applied to all future orders associated with the Subscription.

If your payment method becomes invalid at any time during the subscription period or if a charge is otherwise rejected, we will notify you that the Subscription is suspended until your payment information is updated. Your Subscription will remain suspended, and no orders or shipments will be processed, until the information is updated, and you reactivate your Subscription.

You may update your payment information by modifying the Subscription in your online account on the Website or by calling 1-800-757-2582.

You may cancel your Subscription at any time by calling 1-800-757-2582.

The total cost for each Carvajal Cigar Co. order will be the price of the items on the day the order is processed, plus any applicable sales tax and shipping and handling charges. You will always pay the price of an item on the day the order is processed, which will then have the 20% off applied for the remainder of 2023. If the price of an item increases or decreases, the amount you are charged may also increase or decrease. We’ll notify you of price increases prior to shipping your items and prior to charging your account. Prices and promotions are subject to change at our sole discretion.

Credit cards and Paypal are the acceptable payment methods for your Carvajal Cigar Co. purchases.

Once a Carvajal Cigar Co. order has been processed, a shipping confirmation will be sent if you have a current email address on file. If any Carvajal Cigar Co. item is unavailable on the day it is scheduled to be shipped, we will notify you of the delay and will attempt to fulfill the order each day thereafter. Provided the item becomes available, future orders will not be affected and will be delivered according to your selected schedule.

If any Carvajal Cigar Co. item is discontinued or is no longer available for any reason, we will notify you and attempt to find another cigar selection to your satisfaction.

By joining the Carvajal Cigar Co. Club, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein. Carvajal Cigar Co. reserves the right to cancel, modify, or restrict any aspect of the Carvajal Cigar Co. Club at any time and without advance notice. We reserve the right to limit or modify eligible purchases at our sole discretion. The interpretation and application of the program’s terms and conditions are at our sole discretion.

You are responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the program’s current terms and conditions. Carvajal Cigar Co. assumes no responsibility for errors caused by incorrect Member information.